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I know I’ve posted a bunch of prom photos but look we are such good buddies I love my best friends

24 Apr  0

Happy Birthday to my amazing son, Razorblade Goodson. He is a fantastic 4th grader! Sean Goodson and I couldn’t be prouder parents. You really carry the “good” in the Goodson name, Razorblade! I hope you have a fantastic birthday with your friends at the Pajama Pancake Party! Love you!

23 Apr  0


Yesterday’s Evening Sky by Fiddling Bob on Flickr.

20 Apr  255

midriff #tchsprom2014

We don’t know how to take pictures, but that’s okay because we’re straight swaggin! I love this guy so much! ❤️

20 Apr  0

I am so thankful for these people right here. I love Sean, Natalie and Klops with all of my heart. Thank you guys for making prom amazing for me! ❤️

20 Apr  0

PROM TONIGHT WAS SO FUN. Now, the after party! ❤️ I love my buddies

20 Apr  1