stand up went AWESOME. I don’t have a face and this photo is awful but thanks to all who came out to support. video soon!

29 Aug  1

I DONT HAVE A FACE but my standup went freakin stellar and a video is coming soon. thanks to who came to support.

29 Aug  2

if Kanye told me to do something, I know I’d freaking do it.

28 Aug  1

tomorrow!! you will be there, I know it.

27 Aug  0

college is nice. I redid my schedule so now I only have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. I know how to work a schedule MAN. Here’s to a happy 6 day weekend for me! thanks Labor Day! Oh and did I mention that my classes don’t start until 11 on BOTH of those days? and did I mention that I’m already on a first name basis with my professors and that I’ve ALREADY scored 20 extra credit points in my math class? I’m hittin it big time this year #unt #bigballa

growing up and doing adult things like making this important cover for my COLLEGE binder. no more time for high school jokes. I have to be sophisticated now.

26 Aug  1
26 Aug  76


War Veterans tribute to their horse

26 Aug  68

it’s been a white since I’ve seen her

25 Aug  0

today is my first day of college and I’m already liking it a lot so here’s to the next 4 years of my life I know Kendrick will help me get through #unt18 #meangreen