fun night with goat! we got some Legos and we built ourselves! HORSE AND GOAT! then we drew pictures. fun night I’m glad i have a buddy and I’m glad it’s Sean!

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how is this still getting notes a year later

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I cannot tell you how great my 19th birthday was. Sean took me on the most amazing birthday date imaginable. He treated me to a delicious dinner at one of my favorite places, Outback Steakhouse. then we went to build-a-bear and made the most adorable cuddly bear together. when you squeeze it’s right paw it says “I love you buddy” in Sean’s voice. He then got me my favorite food item in the world- a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s. After that we saw Dolphin Tale 2 and had the entire movie theater to ourselves. We took up four seats and had really comfortable cuddles. On the way home we listened to Lil B and laughed and talked about how much we loved each other. I love you, goat. thank you for THE most perfect birthday. I couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect for me than you! you’re my sweet love! ❤️ thank you times a million

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the life expectancy of horses is 25 so i don’t have that much longer to live. Here’s to the fact that I haven’t died yet! 💜🎈🐴

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If you think I’m “illegal” because I’m a Mexican learn the true history because I’m in my homeland.


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about to go take out a mortgage and do my taxes

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stringofyourkite  whispered: Do you have any video or know how to see a video of what aziz said on ferguson?

I don’t have a video but he didn’t actually say anything. we weren’t allowed to take pictures during the show so he did poses for us before hand. the one with the lava is the one where he said “this is where you can tell them I broke it down and got real to talk about ferguson.” so that’s the caption I gave it. besides that, there wasn’t anything said. the dude that opened for him touched on it, though. I don’t think you’re gonna find a video of it. they were really big about not taking photos or videos and I didn’t see anyone disrespecting that. the entire crowd was dark for the entire show. there was no phone light at all. pretty nice, actually.

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